Disruptive features


Former white label blockchain re-branding

Do you need your own blockchain? < bra | ket > allows you to create your own rebranded blockchain with infinite descending levels.


Instant token creation

Never was as easy to create a new token before. As easy as create a new < bra | ket > address.


Reduced time & cost by transaction

PoC (Proof Of Cooperation) protocol allows to confirm transactions and close blocks faster because it doesn't waste time on competition.


Embeded exchange

Traders can buy & sell in the < bra | ket > in itself embeded P2P Exchange, voiding foreign Exchange commisions.


Environment friendly

< bra | ket > spends energy exclusively by TX activity. Nodes are based in low energy consumption devices.


Proof Of Cooperation (PoC)

Nodes are note competing for close a block. They are closed by cooperation consensus. All nodes connected receive award for close a block.


Multi token transacion, all in one

For first time, one unique transaction can include several sends (on several coins/tokens) to several address. The applications are infinite.


Crowdsale open!

80K 250K 1M 5M 10M EUR MAX
350.62 ETH MINED
Our token | Your token

< bra | ket > token

Braket Token
Type :
pre ICO < bra | ket > token
< bra | ket >
Initial Supply:
24,000,000 BKT
Total Supply Release:
60,000,000 BKT

General description

< bra | ket > is released on the basis of its native blockchain < bra | ket >.

You can use our wallets (online web, desktop, mobile) to access your address container node.

Functions of tokens

  • the token is in pre-ICO investing token
Our special way

< bra | ket > Road Map

2018 Q1
Concept & First Design

Definition of current state of the art deficiencies and design of the first architecture

2018 Q2
BI Design

Start developing the Business Logic

2018 Q3
First Prototype

Our development center realeased the first prototype of project.

2018 Q4
Genesis block
Alpha version running on first Node

Version alpha-rc1 starts running on first node and genesis block was closed.

2019 Q1
P2P Exchange
Allow Tokens integration
Java SDK

2019 Q2

2019 Q3
Web Wallet
Tokens Crowdsale Start

2019 Q4
Smart Contract SDKs
Mobile Apps & Wallets
Open Public Node Installation
Desktop Wallet
Web Assembly SDK

2020 Q1
Beta version over > 1000 Nodes
Stable Version 1.0
Publish ecosystem & development site center

2020 Q2
Community Business Apps



Ray Podder


Marcos Mayorga
Marcos Mayorga

High Degree M.Sc. Physics
HiTech Entrepreneur
Senior Scientific Blockchain Researcher
Bitcoin-Cash Developer
GNU Linux & C++ Engineer

Our brain

Corporate Heads

Horst G Ludwig
Horst G Ludwig
Chief Executive Officer High Degree in Economics
Carlos Mayorga
Carlos Mayorga
Chief Technical Officer High Degree in Computer Engineering BTA Blockchain Certified Developer
Frank Casaus
F Casaus Mendi
Chief Financial Officer High Degree in Finance
Ricard Reyes
Ricard Reyes
Chief Hardware Officer Industrial Engineer
Thomas Charts
Thomas Charts
Community Relations Manager BA Business Admin BS Bachelor of Science
Thomas Charts
Anthony Kardash
Community Manager
< bra | ket > is 95% a virtual company. We hire remote top freelancers around the world by demand.

Have any questions?

Can I trade < bra | ket > at an exchange?

Yes, as soon as the token will be listed at some exchange. It will be around 2020 Q1 with the first stable version.

Also, you can trade with same net tokens with the embeded exchange voiding exchange commissions by P2P.

Why is < bra | ket > economic model sustainable?

Because it is the former token based on PoC (Proof Of Cooperation) guaranting all the nodes will be awarded in equilibrium.

Also, as there is not competition, mining is fast and environmen friendly, spending energy only by transaction activity.

Can I mine < bra | ket > ?

Node installation will be public as roadmap.

Mining will be available with any little device as a Raspberry.


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